What is the Right Edibles Dosage for Me?

Edibles have become an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis, however, it is important to ensure you are consuming the correct dosage for maximum enjoyment. It is crucial to note that the exact same dose of edibles can affect two people in very different ways. Finding the correct edibles dosage for you can prevent overconsumption symptoms, which can include paranoia, anxiety, lethargy, memory loss, and other senses of discomfort.

cannabis edibles

Here is a general set of guidelines that can help you find the right dosage of edibles:

Guide for Edibles Dosage:

1 – 2.5 mg of THC

  • With a very low dose of THC, users are likely to expect a mild relief of pain, anxiety and other physical symptoms. Additionally, users often feel a sense of increased focus and creativity.
  • This microdose is best for first time edible consumers who are not used to the effects of THC. Or, those looking to become regular microdosers.

2.5 – 15 mg of THC

  • Naturally, the next level of THC consumption will lead to stronger symptom relief than the microdose in addition to a sense of euphoria.
  • On the flip side, this can also lead to impaired coordination or perception.
  • This dosage is best for those who have plenty of experience with THC and participate in standard recreational usage. Also, for individuals who do not feel the effects from the smaller dose and are looking for pain relief or help sleeping.

15-30 mg of THC

  • 15-30 mg of THC provide for a strong euphoric effect.
  • There is a significant impairment to cognitive functioning including coordination and perception.
  • Those who are not used to THC may also experience overconsumption effects and discomfort.
  • This dosage should be reserved for those who have a high tolerance to THC.

30-50 mg of THC

  • Increasing the dosage will lead to a very strong and intense euphoric effect and an even stronger impairment to cognitive functioning.
  • Again, this dosage should be reserved for those who have a very high tolerance to THC or consumers whose digestive systems don’t absorb cannabinoids well and require a higher dosage.

50-100 mg of THC

  • Anyone should take special caution before consuming 50-100 mg of THC.
  • This amount of cannabis will lead to seriously impaired coordination and perception often accompanied by negative side effects such as nausea, pain, and anxiety.
  • Patients with serious conditions such as cancer or inflammatory disorders, may necessitate this level of dosage for relief.

Consuming Edibles Safely

The most common mistake with consuming edibles is users increasing the dosage if they don’t feel any effect immediately. It is crucial to remember that it may take up to two hours for the edibles to reach their full effect. An hour after consumption, it is recommended to eat a snack to activate both digestion and absorption, which can speed up the process. It is extremely important to wait the full two hours before increasing your dosage of THC!

You should follow the rule of thumb, “dose low, and go slow.” Start small and be patient to fully maximize your edibles experience.