What is HHC?

For those who are not experts in the cannabis industry, there could be an overwhelming amount of information of different types of cannabinoids and their effects. Compared to other strains, HHC is newer, has only recently reached the market, and is mostly found in vape cartridges. In fact, HHC is appealing because it does not contain any THC at all. According to Bearly Legal Hemp CEO Liam Burns, “HHC is one of our fastest growing products due to regulations that have banned Delta-8, but people are buying it in states where they can buy Delta-8, too.”

The Science Behind HHC

American chemist Roger Adams was the first person to create HHC in 1944 by adding hydrogen molecules to Delta-9 THC, converting it to hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). There are many different ways to derive HHC after the CBD is extracted from the raw hemp. While it is safe to make is small quantities, scientist at KCA Laboratories Richard Sams explains that there are many risks involving with scaling up production, including potential explosions.

Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act

The Effects of HHC

As the cannabis industry grows, we learn more about new strains and substances and their effects. Currently, there is no consensus in the cannabis community about the effects and potency of HHC. As scientist Richard Sams at KCA Laboratories advises, HHC can have similar effects on the body to THC with a sufficient dose but is less potent milligram-per-milligram. To maximize its effects, the goal when making it is to maximize the active compound while minimizing the less active compound, which is not a perfect science.

Compared to the counterpart of THC, there are rumors circulating that HHC will not appear on a drug test. However, it is extremely important to note that this is only anecdotal evidence and has not been scientifically proven. As the industry learns more about HHC, this theory will be put to the test.

Is HHC legal?

While HHC is assumed to be safe, there is currently no standard testing in process, which will likely come with time. However, there is a big question surrounding the legality of HHC. The pro argument is that HHC is technically only derived from hemp and not THC, meaning that any vapes or edibles that contain HHC would be legal under federal regulations.

However, this reasoning is hazy. HHC could be subjected to Federal Analogue Act, which makes any drug potentially adjacent to a schedule one drug (like THC) illegal. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, hopefully this legality line will become clearer.