What Does “California Sober” Really Mean?

Recently gaining massive popularity, being California sober is something that seems to be sweeping the country as a new alternative to being fully sober. After Demi Lovato announced that she was “Cali sober” (which she has seen changed her mind to become fully sober), the conversation has once again centered on the Cali sober option, and whether or not it is even legitimate. Cutting alcohol out of your routine is something that many people attempt in January. As Dry January continues to be discussed, the idea to remain Cali sober is appealing to many.

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While there is no official definition for being California sober, those who choose this lifestyle typically do so in one of two ways:

  1. Using cannabis to replace the use of alcohol
  2. Using alcohol and cannabis in moderation in order to replace the use of more harmful, more addictive drugs

Many doctors warn that those who have an unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol should be cautious when considering the Cali sober method. Replacing alcohol with marijuana may eventually lead to alcohol consumption again, doctors warn. In addition, some doctors consider cannabis to be an unsafe alternative. Nevertheless, being Cali sober has worked for many who are able to truly cut out other drugs and alcohol. Substance use in moderation is certainly not a new concept, and those with the ability to maintain a healthy relationship with cannabis have seen great success living a California sober lifestyle.

Since there is not a true definition of “California sober”, it can be difficult to nail down exactly what it means. In practice, those who are Cali sober seem to simply choose to consume drugs or alcohol in some degree of moderation. And that can mean different things for different people. For instance, one person might look at the Cali sober lifestyle in terms of quitting alcohol but maintaining a relationship with cannabis and psychedelics. While someone else may see Cali sober as strictly smoking marijuana and not using anything else.

Regardless of how you may view your Cali sober lifestyle, the important thing is that it is working in a meaningful way for you. At Green RiNo, we love the idea of being California sober and are huge fans of those trading in alcohol for cannabis.