What are America’s Top Weed Cities?

What Determines the Top Weed Cities in America?

With more and more cities legalizing recreational cannabis, we began to wonder, which cities rank among the highest when it comes to weed? First, it is necessary to define the factors which make for a stellar weed city. Nowadays, weed consumption is all about the experience. With plenty of dispensaries to choose from, customers can be selective in seeking the ultimate experience in the ultimate weed cities. In our opinion, top weed cities share most of the following characteristics: legalized recreational cannabis, highly rated dispensaries, fair prices, plenty of weed doctors, great munchies, and recreational activities to partake in while high.

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Denver, Colorado

Denver is called the Mile High City, and it certainly lives up to the name. Weed was legalized in Denver in 2012. It is easy to access weed in Denver, which boasts almost four times as many cannabis stores per capita as Los Angeles. Moreover, the weed is well-priced and good quality. Stoners can find countless recreational activities and beautiful natural beauty in Denver.

Portland, Oregon

The city of Portland, Oregon legalized weed in 2015. In terms of weed dispensaries per capita, Portland ranks number one. Weed in Oregon is of high quality and priced well. Oregon even offers cannabis-centric tours of the city. The music scene in Portland further heightens its status as one of the top weed cities in America.

Seattle, Washington

One cannot reference music scenes in America and not bring up Seattle, Washington. Seattle has contributed so much to today’s American cultural landscape, including grunge music, Starbucks, Amazon, and cannabis culture. Seattle legalized weed in December 2012. There are plenty of dispensaries in the city. Weed enthusiasts love exploring local art in Seattle. The food is creative and renowned. Finally, there are many places to walk around in Seattle, making it a perfect fit for stoners looking to stretch their legs.

Sacramento, California

California legalized recreational use of cannabis in 2016. Sacramento offers plenty of cannabis dispensaries from which to choose with affordable pricing. Sacramento is the capital city of California and offers many historical attractions. It is a weed-friendly city that houses some of the top cannabis brands.

Las Vegas, Nevada

In 2016, Nevada legalized recreational marijuana. In typical Vegas fashion, there are mega dispensaries, tons of munchies, and entertainment offerings around the clock. You can even find a cannabis-themed performance residency. Las Vegas ranks among the top cities for number of head shops. Cab drivers will take you to the best weed spots in town. And the Las Vegas airport has kiosks to preorder weed.

Which Cities are Next up as Top Weed Cities in America?

With more and more states legalizing weed, it is only a matter of time before new cities are added to the list of top weed cities in America. Some emergent weed cities include Buffalo, New York; Baltimore, Maryland; San Jose, California; Phoenix, Arizona; and Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The next time you are in a new city, check out the culture and the weed. Look for places where weed is celebrated and enjoy yourself!