Looking for Cannabis Gift Ideas This Holiday Season?

The holiday season is here and that means it is time to make a list (and check it twice) to determine who in your life will receive gifts this year. From brothers and sisters to best friends and co-workers, finding the right gift means thinking hard about the recipient and what they love to do. We may be a little biased, but what better gift could a person receive than something cannabis related? The gift of cannabis is creative, a great conversation starter, and something that can be enjoyed by all.

While COVID-19 has interrupted many people’s holiday plans, it does not have to ruin the season. There is truly no better way to ease the chaos, stress, and sadness that comes with the holidays than with a unique cannabis gift, especially holidays spent alone. Whether you are shopping for a cannabis newbie or a seasoned cannabis enthusiast, there is something for everyone under the marijuana umbrella.

Below are some creative cannabis gift ideas for your loved ones, or even yourself, this holiday season:

  • Thinking about adding some fun to your stocking stuffers? Edibles, pre-rolls, and THC tablets are the perfect addition to the fireplace.
  • Maybe some classic holiday strains are more up your alley. Consider some Wilson Zero, Ghost Train Haze, Alien Rock Candy, or White Grapefruit Cookies.
  • Shopping for an old school cannabis lover? Your parents can always use a new pipe or even a de-bowler.
  • Make your dessert table extra fun this year with baked goods like Peanut Butter Hybrid Brownies, a Bourbon Pecan Bar, or Koala Cookies & Cream.
  • Shopping for someone who loves a good hike? There’s nothing like a solid vape pen and a Keef Cola to keep your body going on a great adventure outdoors.
  • How about the person who needs some self-care products? Check out some CBD lip balm or Pleasure Oil.
  • Concentrates are another great way to say “Happy Holidays!” Think about live resin, wax, shatter, or rosin for that someone special.

While a cannabis gift may be unconventional, we can promise it will not disappoint. Check out Green RiNo’s menu and either order online for pickup or come on into the store to check out all of our product. On behalf of the entire Green RiNo team, please have a Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year! Cheers to a brighter, chiller, and happier 2021!