Here’s How to Curb the Munchies When You’re High

While many people enjoy the feeling of relaxation that comes with smoking marijuana, a less popular side effect is often the munchies that come with it. Some individuals who are prescribed medical marijuana, such as cancer patients who have extreme trouble eating, use this affect to their advantage. However, the average cannabis user may not enjoy the late night snacking extra calories that come with being high.


If you are looking to get these munchies under control, here are some of the most common tips that can help:

Maintain a Regular Meal Schedule Throughout the Day

Although this is by no means a fool proof method to avoid the munchies, if you are satisfied with your food throughout the day you’ll often be less likely to fall victim to snacking at night. Make sure you are eating a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner to stay satisfied throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated

Oftentimes, thirst is misinterpreted as hunger. While it is important to be drinking water throughout the day, if you feel the munchies coming on it is a good idea to reach for your water bottle before any snacks. This can also help control other side effects of marijuana such as cotton mouth or dizziness.

Brush Your Teeth

To get the taste of any potential cravings out of your mouth, you could always brush your teeth or use a minty mouthwash. No snacks taste as good after brushing your teeth, eliminating the temptation altogether.

Keep Yourself Busy

If the only thing you’re doing while high is thinking about how hungry you are… It’s likely you may give in to those late-night cravings. Instead, you should distract yourself with some activities instead of mindlessly eating. For example, you could play video games, get lost in YouTube, enjoy nature, or any other activity as long as it is safe to do while under the influence.

Reduce Temptations

It’s a lot harder to binge on junk food if you don’t have any in your house to begin with! While the plethora of food delivery apps on our phones makes this harder, it is still a beneficial idea to try and limit the number of unhealthy temptations around you.

Take Advantage of the Munchies

While most people may not see the munchies as a positive effect, you can try to use the munchies to your advantage. Replace the unhealthy food with healthier alternatives and use that to snack on while high.

In the end, everyone is different and it’s important to try and figure out what works the best for you!