Green RiNo to Launch First Batch of Live Rosin

It’s no secret that the concentrates market is booming right now. Particularly trending in the cannabis industry is all things rosin. From edibles to cartridges and from dabs to pre-rolls, cannabis enthusiasts are clamoring to get their hands on high-quality rosin.

For those new to the rosin game, we’ll give you a quick tutorial. Rosin refers to the extraction process that uses pressure and heat to yield a shatter-like concentrate. Known for its versatility, rosin can be made using either flower or hash and kief. In contrast to its concentrate counterparts, rosin is solventless, which means users do not have to worry about leftover solvents negatively affecting their health or their high.

rosin isolated on white background

Green RiNo has long been a proponent of growing high-quality flower that wows our customer base. We know that it takes careful hands and a true passion to grow flower that has flavor and potency. At Green RiNo, we take pride in cultivating the best of the best and we are proud to announce that we are coming out with our first batch of live rosin.

Pairing our high-quality flower with a carefully chosen extraction lab, we are in the midst of running our in-house strain called “Chem De La Chem”. We have approached this new endeavor with one priority in mind: team up with producers to bring our top quality flower to the concentrate market.

Known for its gassy flavor and high potency, Chem De La Chem was the perfect choice for our inaugural live rosin strain. Based on the structure and trichome coverage of Chem De La Chem, it provides for high yields and a strong terpene profile. Pricing will vary based on overall characteristics and yields, but should be retailing for an MSRP of $60/g.

In addition to Chem De La Chem, Green RiNo will be releasing Lemon G, Wilson Zero, White Grape Fruit Cookies and an OG to start our journey into the live rosin market. Our entire team is confident that our strategic partnership with the extraction lab will prove to be a fruitful venture for our brand and, more importantly, for our customers.

Live Rosin Market Primed To Thrive

As one of the purest forms of concentrated cannabis, live rosin has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the cannabis industry. Enthusiasts are flocking to stores who carry high quality product that meets or exceeds their high expectations. In fact, High Times has referred to live rosin as the “cannabis concentrate connoisseur’s choice”.

As usual, Green RiNo is on the cutting-edge of the shifts in the industry. With the rosin market starting to accelerate, our focus has been to provide strains and flavor profiles that are either currently limited in the market or are nonexistent in the market. In doing so, we aim to offer unique product that never falters on quality.

At Green RiNo, our goal is to provide a superior live rosin compared to the current competition. We understand that doing so will be a challenge, particularly based on current competition in the market who are well-known, high-quality brands. Nevertheless, our focus on cultivating distinct and unique strains will ultimately prevail.

Stay tuned for the official release of Green RiNo’s Live Rosin product lines. Until then, stop by our store or check out our online ordering system available now for pickup!