Best Activities to Do While High in Colorado

Colorado takes pride in having one of the most well-established cannabis industries in the country. So, it’s the perfect place to explore weed tourism. Plenty of adventures await you to experience while enjoying some good green herb. If you’ve been living here for a while or just planning a trip, you’ll be delighted by the wide range of activities in Colorado.

In this concise guide, we’ll explore some of the activities in Colorado to enjoy during and after indulging in some of the country’s best-quality cannabis.

Year-Round Cannabis Fun

Mile-High Limo Tours

While in Boulder or Denver, check out Mile-High Limo Tours – 420-friendly limos where you can legally consume cannabis. Some of the spots on the tour include recreational dispensaries, growing operation tours, and a glass gallery. You can schedule your own limo tours, including scenic mountain drives or event transportation.

Drive-In Theater

A classic pastime, the drive-in theater is a perfect outdoor activity for movie-loving cannabis users. Creating an optimal nostalgic feel, we recommend the 88 Drive-In Theater located in the Denver metro area. Established in 1972, this classic theater uses 35mm film and sports a historic snack bar to appease your munchies.

Drive-In Theater

Art Scene

Art shows are a gateway to fun and laughter when you are high. Colors are brighter, deep thoughts abound, and conversations are a bit more hilarious. Exploring the art scene is an excellent adventure when high in Colorado. From visiting an art museum to checking out vibrant street art, Colorado has an eclectic, lively art scene to enjoy.

Seasonal Cannabis Fun

Go for a Hike

Jaw-dropping scenery and winding trails provide a lovely backdrop to enjoy while high. It is crucial to remember never to have an open flame in the forest, and smoking in public places is illegal — smoke before you go! Enjoying an edible is also a safe choice for hiking when high. Feel relaxed and euphoric as you explore a well-marked, popular trail. Hiking when high is safest in well-trod areas.

Elitch Gardens – Amusement Park

Did you know Denver has an amusement park? Only open in the summertime, Elitch Gardens is a theme and waterpark with attractions for everyone. Smoking before you go is the best way to enjoy the park while high, or bring along some edibles. Rides will be more exciting, and even the kiddie rides will be a blast! Theme parks are perfect for satisfying food cravings. At Elitch Gardens, you can appease your hunger with pretzels, burgers, and other delicious treats.

Haunted Houses

If you get paranoid while high, skip this one, but if you are light-hearted and jump scares make you scream (and laugh), check out a haunted house. Modern haunted houses go the extra mile with live actors, gross smells, and spooky lighting effects. Enjoying the thrill of a good scare while your senses are intensified might just be the fun you never knew you needed! Denver has some fantastic haunted houses like 13th Floor Haunted House, City of the Dead, and Asylum Haunted House.