13 Health Benefits of Cannabis

First and foremost, it should be noted that cannabis has more than 13 health benefits, but today we have chosen to highlight the most interesting and notable ones. Marijuana and its health benefits have been studied for many years. And while science continues to work on changing the stigma around the plant, politicians do their damnedest to maintain its status as a “dangerous drug”.

There are a number of forms that cannabis can be found in – from flowers to edibles to concentrates and beyond – and as more and more studies are conducted, the brighter light has been shed on the its overall health benefits. Cannabis consists of both CBS and THC, where the CBD is the chemical impacting the brain and the THC serves as a pain reliever. While marijuana use is still illegal under federal law, state policies continue to lean toward accepting and celebrating marijuana and all of its value.

It is worth stating that all of the health benefits of cannabis are not without some controversy. The legality issue makes it difficult to conduct the widespread studies necessary to make more sweeping and significant findings. Nevertheless, there are some findings that cite using short path distillation to extract and enhance CBD and THC can result in some beneficial health aids.

The following are some of the most interesting and notable health benefits of cannabis:

  1. Chronic pain relief
  2. Treatment for depression
  3. Regulating seizures
  4. Ability to increase lung capacity
  5. Reduces tremors linked to Parkinson’s disease
  6. Help with treating ulcerative colitis
  7. Help with treating Crohn’s disease
  8. Aids with PTSD symptoms
  9. Relieves pain associated with arthritis
  10. Treatment method for glaucoma
  11. Weight loss aid
  12. Helps to reduce anxiety
  13. Shows promise in regulating diabetes

As the wellness community continues to accept CBD with open arms, cannabis advocates are hoping that THC will follow suit. One of the biggest misconceptions about CBD and THC is that only CBD has the capacity to provide medical benefits. THC has been known as an antioxidant and as more and more research and testing is done, the documented health benefits are sure to follow.

In addition to the above benefits, it is worth nothing that indica strains of cannabis serve as an excellent sleep aid. This can prove to be extremely helpful for those suffering from issues like insomnia. From anti-inflammatory components to pain relief, medical marijuana has helped countless individuals deal with their health issues. With any luck, the next decade will see tremendous growth in the marijuana industry, both medical and recreational, and thus a growth in applying the beautiful benefits of the plant to improve health and wellness across the country.