12 Guilt-Free Munchies for Your Next Session

Salty, sweet, crunchy, savory… what is your brain telling you to munch on?

There is nothing worse than waking up with an aching stomach and a mind full of regret!

But once the THC reaches the endocannabinoid system, an area of the brain that influences appetite, you’ll likely feel the desire to eat. THC stimulates an area of the brain that controls emotions and appetite. In turn, THC enhances your sense of smell; it confuses your brain’s sense of satiety; the dopamine increases the pleasure of eating; and it can lower inhibitions making people more willing to eat larger quantities of unhealthy foods. All of these factors contribute to the desire to munch!

Best Munchies When You’re High

The best thing to do is choose guilt-free munchies. Guilt-free means relatively healthy, nutritious, filling foods that make you feel good. Take the time to prepare your munchies, so that you are mindful of what you put into your body. Do not eat directly from a package. Portion your snack onto a plate or bowl. When you feel powerless against the munchies, choose snacks that won’t completely derail your health goals.

The following healthy munchies will satisfy your cravings and keep the snacking under control:

  1. Popcorn – Crunchy, fragrant, low calorie, salty or sweet. Personalize your popcorn to satisfy your craving. Add sweet or salty seasoning to fit your munchie mood.
  2. Chocolate dipped strawberries – Dip strawberries into a premade cup of chocolate pudding.
  3. Gouda and apple slices – Slice apples and top with thin slices of Gouda. Sweet, savory, and a guilt-free munchie.
  4. Mini cheese board – This snack says, “I’m high and feeling the munchies, but also in the mood for a creative outlet.” Use sliced apple, grapes, nuts, crackers, cheese, etc. You get the sweet and salty flavors, and a project. Each bite is different. There are unlimited possibilities.
  5. Acai bowl – Buy premade frozen packages of acai from your local grocer. Blend packet with liquid and additional frozen fruit. Pour into a bowl and top with granola and squirt of honey.
  6. Edamame – Steam edamame and top with salty. Splitting the pods in your mouth is fun! Soybeans contain protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants.
  7. Avocado toast or avocado rice cakes – Top with everything seasoning if you have taste buds! 😉
  8. Rice cakes and peanut butter – Also, apples and peanut butter. Celery and peanut butter. Anything with peanut butter. Keep a jar of crunchy on hand for your munchie. Top peanut butter snacks with bananas, honey, chocolate, marshmallows, go crazy!
  9. Yogurt and berries – Simple and delish. If you’re feeling fancy, add granola or a honey drizzle.
  10. Frozen fruit pops – Ice pops, Italian ice. Look for frozen treats that contain real fruit.
  11. Trail mix – Another make your own treat. I use rice chex, lightly salted pistachios, chocolate dusted almonds, lightly salted cashews, dried cranberries, shelled sunflower seeds, but the possibilities are endless. Make sure you control the portion on this snack. The calories will add up. However, you are also getting massive amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals, good fats, and antioxidants.
  12. Chocolate hummus with fruit and pretzels – You either love or hate chocolate hummus. If you love it, this treat combines the nutrients in hummus and the sweetness of a chocolate pudding. Dip fruit into your hummus and enjoy a guilt-free munchie.

Planning ahead is the most important part of embracing your munchies. Go into snacking mode with mindfulness and a plan. Keep healthy snacks on-hand. Substitute rice cakes for bread. Opt for yogurt rather than ice cream. Add healthy nuts and granola for a pop or flavor and texture. Season popcorn to your liking rather than pre-seasoned popcorn from the store. Finally, take time to prepare your guilt-free munchies. Think about what you are putting into your body and make purposeful choices. Munch on!